Monday, 29 March 2010

Sorry, no funny-looking animals pulling faces or falling over...

My last post - The Daily Mail Song - was the 400th post on Luna17, so I thought I'd use the occasion for a retrospective. As number 400 came via YouTube, it feels appropriate to compile a personal selection of videos I've previously featured on the blog. These are amongst my favourites. Interestingly, most of them are under 5 minutes long: short and sweet frequently does the trick.

1. Protesting against war, then and now

2. Climate Camp's message to police

3. Who pays for the crisis?

4. Vigil for end to homophobic hate crime

5. What if London was like Gaza or West Bank?

6. Have the Iraq Inquiry committee seen this?

7. 2-minute crash course: How to be a TV news reporter

8. Sarah Palin's right-wing populist crap, with a difference

9. Trotsky for a new generation... sort of

10. "I Occupied Sussex House"

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