Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A picture of the struggle

Ady Cousins' YouTube channel yesterday reached a total of two million views, since being launched in the summer of 2006 (at the time of the protests against Israel's attack on Lebanon - see George Galloway's speech below). It continues to serve as a means of documenting and promoting political protest, in particular this country's anti-war movement. Here is my own selection of 10 videos - a tiny sample of the total output - shared by Ady via YouTube.

Tariq Ali: Obama and the US empire

Joe Glenton: serving soldier breaks his silence on Afghanistan

Lowkey: Defend Muslim Communities

The Iraq inquiry: is it a whitewash?

SOAS students occupy directorate

Visteon Occupation: a fight for justice

Salma Yaqoob: Protest for Gaza

George Galloway: Ceasefire Now demo

Interview with Tony Cliff (1996)

Malalai Joya: Afghan MP calls for troops out


  1. Jesus. Are you on half term? Why don't you have a lie-in!

  2. Quite right too! A case, not for first time, of preparing a post at night and publishing as soon as I wake up. I hope you agree it's a fine selection of vids.