Monday, 1 February 2010

The mutiny is coming...

The second Mutiny event, titled 'Love on Trial', takes place in east London next Wednesday. Last September's launch event, 'Money on Trial', was an anti-capitalist forum that brought revolutionary socialists together with other activists and leftwingers; creative and experimental in format, radical in content, it drew a mainly young audience including some who were attending their first political meeting.

Solomons Mindfield has the following message today: 'After a terrific response from our first time Mutiny goers, tickets are now on sale for everyone else. I hope you're looking forward to our second event. You may buy as many tickets as you like. Students/Concession £3 Standard £5. Make sure you type your name into the correct bit for the guestlist.'

On a related note, I recommend The Sauce's contribution to preparatory reading for the event: 'Fantasy on Trial: How women are punished for breaching monogamy'.

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