Friday, 26 February 2010

Luna17 recommends...

1. Resistance grows as crisis deepens (A World to Win)

2. Hike in visa fees for families fleeing destitution (The Sauce)

3. Domestic violence is no joke (Harpymarx)

4. Bullying: the real scandal (A Very Public Sociologist)

5. Hacked off, and failing to spot the merits of Neil Kinnock (Faithful to the Line)

6. The Bully Beef: why these attacks were misjudged (The Daily Maybe)

7. Martin Kramer didn't get along well with the other children (The Heathlander)

8. Capitalism: A Love Story (Scottish Socialist Youth)

9. Capitalism, consumerism and feminism (Nina Power at New Left Project)

10. Target culture kills patients (Liam MacUaid)


  1. Thanks for the link comrade, interested in the Nina Power piece so will read.

    Btw: am thinking about the post you wrote about using the internet re activism. Will put my thoughts together later and comment.

  2. Nina P's article is fascinating, partly because she engages so thoroughly with acutely contemporary trends, rather than relying on old points and arguments. I really must buy her book!