Friday, 5 February 2010

Luna17 recommends...

1. The Noughties: making our history count (London Socialist Historians)

2. Hack Attack (The Sauce)

3. Swingeing cuts and capital controls (Faithful to the Line)

4. Slap on the Wrist (Salma Yaqoob)

5. Zizek on what it is to be a revolutionary (Though Cowards Flinch)

6. Does Simon Jenkins shit in the woods? (Penny Red)

7. Secular liberals feign shock that Pope doesn't subscribe to secular liberalism (Splintered Sunrise)

8. 10:23 (The Third Estate)

9. Videocracy (Louis Proyect)

10. Iran: the Movement, the State and the West (The Drifter's Escape)

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