Monday, 18 January 2010

People's dossier v dodgy dossier: what would you ask Tony Blair?

Have you submitted your question, via Stop the War, to Tony Blair? The People's Dossier is being collated for presentation to the Chilcot inquiry on Iraq, when the former PM appears for questioning. According to Stop the War, 'Hundreds of questions have been sent in, including contributions from Hans von Sponeck, the former UN coordinater in Iraq, musician Brian Eno and a number of military families.'

If you're struggling for inspiration then the question Sami Ramadani, from Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, has asked might help:

'Mr Blair, you have often said that you "strongly believed" you were doing "the right thing" when you sent British troops to invade and occupy Iraq. Considering that Hitler and other war criminals strongly believed that what they were doing was right, do you think that strongly believing in something makes it right, or pardonable if it proved to be terribly wrong?'

Blair's appearance will definitely be between Monday 25 January and Friday 5 February. Stop the War is organising protests, vigils, poetry readings and musical performances outside the event, from 8pm onwards on the big day, and some local groups will be organising protests elsewhere - ours will be at Grey's Monument in Newcastle at 5pm.

In the run up to the protests, the People's Dossier allows anyone - wherever they are - to make a small contribution. As the organisers say, 'we want the People's Dossier to be representative of everyone who protested in such vast numbers against his warmongering under the slogan "not in our name".' You can see a selection of questions posted so far - to send your own question, write "Blair question" in the subject title of your email and send to

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