Friday, 8 January 2010

New look, same old dogmatic Marxism and ranty activist stuff

Eagle-eyed regular readers will hopefully notice this blog has been given a full spectrum design makeover. I like to think it's an improvement. You may or may not agree, but tough luck if you don't - I've changed it now and, frankly, I'm not faffing around with it anymore!

I'll use this occasion as an opportunity to draw attention to a few features of the blog. Near the top are ways of following luna17 and getting regular updates, through Google Connect, Twitter, Facebook and content feeds. The Facebook page passed the 100 fans threshold last week, while Twitter has just reached 200. As I remarked on Twitter the other day, this leaves me a mere 1.2 million followers short of Stephen Fry, so I should be able to catch up soon enough...

The blog roll is set up so the most recently updated are near the top: it's therefore useful for checking out fresh material on other left-wing blogs. There are also links to various articles and videos that I think are particularly good - please check a few of them out.

This might also be a good time to mention my comments policy, which is basically: nothing abusive, personal or libellous. I moderate comments before publishing - which I introduced after getting some fascist drivel when I blogged about last August's anti-BNP demo in Codnor - and have been known to block comments. I am, however, happy to publish anything as long as it doesn't contravene those principles and isn't racist rubbish.

Finally, a request for feedback. I've just had a query about the new strapline: 'Another world is not only on her way... on a quiet day I can hear her breathing'. Is it, poses the query, reinforcing a patronising and vaguely sexist notion of the earth and nature as female (Mother Earth and all that)? I'm not sure - is it? I'm giving it a week until I decide whether to keep that quote or choose a different one (incidentally, it's from Arundhati Roy - the quote, I mean, not the query).


  1. Now I wonder where you saw the Roy quote.

    Works better paired up with something about Spartacus I think

  2. Yeah, that would be a neat combination - maybe you should start a chapter of your new book with those quotes ;)

    Actually, I first spotted it on the site for Signs of Revolt, an anti-capitalist conference and exhibition in November, although I had no idea where it came from as it was unattributed. I like it - a poetic way of expressing the popular sentiment that another world is possible.

  3. Another world is possible!


    There's no Planet B!

    Now I'm confused.

  4. My suggestions for a strapline:
    Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    Or: Silence is vanity; speak for the whole truth's sake. (Stevie Smith)

    Or: Either all human beings have equal rights, or none have any. (Annie Besant)

    Or: When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others. (Anaïs Nin)

    Actually, a couple of these convey worthy messages, but they're not catchy, so I think your choice by A. Roy is pretty good - it's positive, optimistic and hopeful, and not too heavy or obscure for a tagline, so it won't frighten the horses. And, speaking as a feminist, I don't find it sexist - in fact, I quite like the idea that the future could be more "female"! You could change the "her" to "its" and "it", but I think it loses something then...

    Nice new look for the site, too! It might be more of the same old dogma and ranting(!) but at least it's done with some humour - blogging in jim-jams...

  5. Thanks Annie - I like the quotes, although like you I think the Arundhati Roy quote is still the catchiest and most optimistic.

  6. mother earth, father sky - the cosmic couple.. nice tagline :)