Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mutiny: politics with flair and imagination

The second Mutiny event was announced today and will take place on 10 February at the Resistance Gallery in east London, kicking off at 6pm. I blogged about September's launch event, Money on Trial, HERE and HERE. It was evidently a great success in creatively shaking up how political discussion can be done, drawing a large and diverse audience to a lively anti-capitalist event.

The organisers of Love on Trial explain: 'This Valentine's Day, Mutiny presents Love on Trial - an evening of love songs, poems, photography and performances. The night will begin with the revolutionary premier of Speed Debating: get in pairs to discuss the issues of the day. There will be a mezzanine cinema showing short films, YouTube clips and presentations. The night will close with an hour of music including live performances and a music medley of the world's finest love songs.

At the heart of the event beats a three-part discussion about love in 2010 bringing together activists, academics, authors and troublemakers. We will begin with Love for Sale, looking at how romance and sex have been commercialised while celebrating resistances to such appropriation.

The second session will focus on Love and Hate, examining the ways some forms of love – LGBT, cross cultural and polyamorous relationships – are marginalised and how people are challenging this. Finally, Love the Neighbour discusses the state's role in the type of love that’s valued- monogamy, marriage, the family- and what that means for society. Can we imagine a world where love is liberated and celebrated in all its forms?

The Mutiny has begun – but how it takes shape is still very much up to you. Please come to our organising meetings, please contribute scripts, photographs, poems, articles and papers. Please bring everyone you love to what promises to be a truly revolutionary Valentine's extravaganza.'

See the Facebook Event HERE.

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  1. This does sound interesting - if I can make it I will but as it's my girlfriend's birthday the irony might be lost on her... we'll see.