Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Left wing blogosphere

There are some interesting ideas about the future of left-wing blogging at A Very Public Sociologist and Though Cowards Flinch.

The current state and future direction of the radical left is discussed at HarpyMarx, A Very PS and Liam Macuaid. It's worth reading all these and comparing them, to get a sense of different (though overlapping) views on where the left is going.

Two very thought-provoking and polemical articles on gender politics: Tansy Hoskins on the new Rhianna video (which I've also blogged about HERE) and Penny Red on feminism and the female body.

The Sauce has two stories providing revelations about the right-wing press, one on The Daily Mail paying a top rugby player £50,000 for the rights to his 'coming out' story and the truth about an anti-Muslim smear in The Sun. Lenin's Tomb, meanwhile, has addressed two of the big international developments in the last couple of weeks, neither of which I've got round to myself: Iran and Yemen.

Finally, there's two sites I recommend which aggregate contributions from different bloggers. New Left Project has yours truly, Jews Sans Frontiers, Solomon's Mindfield and several others, while Liberal Conspiracy is generally less radical but has a range of offerings from a broad left and liberal spectrum.

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