Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kevin Courtney elected as NUT Deputy General Secretary

I'm thrilled to report Kevin Courtney's victory in the election for Deputy General Secretary in my own union, the National Union of Teachers. I have a policy of not blogging about anything relating to my job (I'm not anonymous, so I consider this wise), which by extension means I avoid posting anything about schools and teachers generally, but this is too good to resist. Kevin is a socialist activist who stood on a clear left-wing platform.

The message from his campaign team which has just been circulated by email simply reads: 'Kevin has been elected as the new Deputy General Secretary. Kevin will send out an email later this evening. Thank you for all your work during the campaign, we couldn't have done it without you.' In my view this is a significant breakthrough for the left, but at the same time the grassroots is always more important than any leadership elections. Hopefully this will embolden all those NUT members who want a campaigning union.

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