Thursday, 7 January 2010

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza

The Palestine Telegraph site's breaking news is HERE.

It reports:

'A massive explosion took place few moments ago western Gaza City, in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood. Eyewitness reported that Israeli F16s launched an aerial attack midnight. The attack was followed by a series of air raids.

Palestine Telegraph reported that a number of air raids took place northern Gaza Strip while no news reported about the attacks yet. The attacks also targeted the southern and middle areas of Gaza Strip.'

This was broadcast on PressTv at around 10.15pm (UK time).

UPDATE at 00.40 on Friday: Al Jazeera reports the attacks have been on 'at least seven targets in the Gaza Strip', with one killed and two injured near the border with Egypt. Israeli jets have bombed two tunnels used for getting goods into Gaza. See the report HERE.

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