Saturday, 26 December 2009

That was the year that was: video blog of 2009

The revolution may or may not be televised, but rest assured it'll be on YouTube. The use of video is increasingly important for political activists - a vital tool for communicating ideas and experiences.

Here's my top 10 activist/radical short videos (average length 3 minutes) of the year. I have posted all of them on Luna17 before - the month in brackets refers to when I originally shared the video via this blog. Although I'm not installing one of those fancy poll widgets, you are very welcome to leave a comment saying which is your favourite!

Visteon workers leave their occupation with heads held high (April)

Love Music Hate Racism creatively exposes the absurdity of the BNP (May)

Students declare victory from the steps of SOAS (June)

Soldier Joe Glenton takes the extraordinary step of publicly speaking out against war (July)

Climate Camp organisers' message for police (August):

"Racist pizzas, go to hell!" (September)

A moving tribute to the victims of homophobic hate crime (October)

You Count Them: the 24 October anti-war march on fast forward (October)

Rapper Lowkey's Obama Nation (November)

End the Siege of Gaza (December)

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  1. loved them all in different ways - so many sparks of hope lit up the year - let's hope we can organise the kindling next year...!