Sunday, 20 December 2009

Polemics and perspectives

Some of the 240 posts since I launched Luna17 in March have been analytical pieces, sometimes polemicising for a particular contentious viewpoint. As we're approaching the end of the year, this is my selection - in chronological order - of ten of those articles. Topics range from the capitalist crisis to Afghanistan, from online activism to no platform for fascists, from left unity to democracy in revolutionary parties.

1. How do we stop the jobs massacre? When is the left going to get its act together and have a proper broad-based response to the biggest crisis of capitalism since the 30s?

2. A new Right to Work Campaign?
When is the left going to get its act together and... you can guess the rest...

3. Left unity: dangers and opportunities
A balance sheet on the prospects for electoral unity and co-operation on the British left

4. Occupations: what does it all mean?Thinking through the repercussions of the workplace occupations for a renewal of workers' resistance

5. Turning up the pressure on Gordon Brown
On Afghanistan, war and the anti-war movement

6. No Platform for BNP Defending 'no platform in the media', motivated by learning that leading SWP members were proposing a change of policy (though for reasons of good old 'party discipline' I didn't say that at the time)

7. Revolutionary leadership and democracy
My response to debates about democracy on the revolutionary left - and to learning I was suspended from the SWP (though, again, I naturally don't mention that!)

8. We got online
A summary of my ideas about the need for socialist organisations to take the Net much more seriously

9. Now to spend more time on politics
This one got rather a lot of comments...

10. Crisis, resistance and the Left
Reviewing Zizek's new book and musing on the crisis and the left's difficulties in coming to terms with it

The picture shows a rather more direct way of conveying a political message. It's taken from this excellent review of 2009's best protest placards.

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