Thursday, 19 November 2009

Red cards for dissent

A creative idea from Philosophy Football, inspired by a 1920s Trotsky quote. Mark from Philosophy Football explains it thus:

Every team needs a fourth international, though expect this particular player to pick up plenty of red cards for dissent. The quote is genuine, taken from Trotsky's 1925 'Where is Britain Going?' His analysis of the consciousness-sapping qualities of football remains a source of debate! Philosophy Football's latest T-shirt is available in sizes S-XXL, plus women's skinny rib fit , from HERE.

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  1. At a meeting in Manchester in around 1970, I hears the following exchange:

    Speaker: "The bourgeoisie needs football. Football is part of the way they control the working class. It's virtually the only thing preventing a revolution. If they got rid of football there'd be a revolution in Britain."

    Heckler: "Yeah... three o'clock next Saturday!"