Monday, 23 November 2009

Blood on their hands

Stop the War supporters will be outside tomorrow's opening of the Iraq inquiry, demanding the warmongers Blair and Brown are held to account. Military Families Against the War will be represented, reminding the inquiry committee of the anger felt by many relatives of British soldiers killed in Iraq.

It is likely we will very soon be seeing vigils, nationwide, to mark the occasion of the 100th UK soldier killed this year in Afghanistan. The tragic toll of British troops killed in 2009 alone stands at 98 - and countless thousands of Afghans have been killed over the last eight years. This year has seen a profound worsening of the war for British forces in the Helmand Province.

Locally there are plans in place for Stop the War vigils, linking commemoration of the dead with a call for troops to be brought home, in Newcastle and Sunderland. In both cities there will be vigils very soon after the sad news is received - I'll post confirmation of details when this happens.

Image: David Gentleman
Video: Ady Cousins

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