Sunday, 25 October 2009

Tariq Ali: "Do you want the war criminal Tony Blair as President of the European Union?"

Tariq Ali, in his Trafalgar Square speech to thousands of protestors yesterday, denounced the absurd plans for Tony Blair to become President of the European Union. Peter Brierly, in his speech, made the point even more eloquently. His son Sean died in Iraq. At a memorial service a couple of weeks ago Peter came face to face with Tony Blair and refused to shake his hand. He told Blair directly that his hands had on them the blood of Sean Brierly and that of many others killed in Iraq.

Tariq Ali also commented on the polls revealing majorities of people across western Europe are opposed to the NATO occupation. Shortly after his speech this was illustrated very well by a spokesperson for Die Linke, the left wing German party which scored excellent results in recent elections. The party's support was boosted by its principled opposition to the occupation, which tapped a nerve with the German public.

Also, a video of Seumas Milne's very eloquent speech at the rally is HERE.

See photos of the march HERE and also - courtesy of David Draper, who was on the same coach from Newcastle as me - HERE.

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