Monday, 12 October 2009

Signs of Revolt: anti-capitalist festival

Signs of Revolt: Creative Resistance and Social Movements since Seattle
Saturday 14 - Sunday 15 November 2009
Truman Brewery, Hanover Street, London

For details of this event see the Facebook Event HERE and the website HERE.

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This weekend festival of events, which has just been announced, looks excellent. Here's the summary you can find on the Facebook Event, but I recommend you also look at either Facebook or the website for the full timetable.

'10 years ago, in November 1999 an alliance of direct action activists, environmentalists and trade unionists shut down the meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle, stopping the next trade round of Capitalist Globalisation. In the process they sparked a Movement of Movements right across the globe - its slogan became ‘Another World is Possible’.

This November, exactly 10 years from that momentous demonstration, and with most of the predictions of the movements rapidly coming true with the crisis of the economy, a permanent state of war and the collapse of our eco-system wrecking lives across the planet, the rich and powerful meet again in Copenhagen to discuss the next Climate treaty after Kyoto. Yet again activists are preparing to challenge the idea that the Market can solve the problems of the world, and take another step toward that possible world after Capitalism.

Sign of Revolt is an exhibition that weaves together the story of the past decade's social movements, drawing out the influences and connections between and across the movements against Capitalism, War and Climate Change. Using archive material and documentary photography and video from movement photographers and filmmakers, it reveals the story of how we get from Seattle to Copenhagen.

Interspersed in this narrative are works by artist and designer activists and collectives, produced during, within and for the movements, this is the first time such a collection has been brought together in the UK and it will be a chance to reflect upon and celebrate the new creative impulses that the movements spawned and the possibilties for developing the creative capacity of future movements, these issues will also be discussed in greater depth during a series of talks during the exhibition.

As capitalism threatens our very existence, Signs of Revolt defiantly maps out possible routes to a future filled with hope…

The festival is free.


  1. All rather good fun and Globalise Resistance was a tremendously well designed moment. Certainly something to remember as we look to rebuilding the left in the next few years...

  2. Agree with you Brendan and must add that 10 years later we must be older and wiser. There is no room for repeating what ever mistake one makes in life. Hiya, its called the 21st century revolution because that is just what it is. We must move away from this dog eat dog mentality that has riddled the Left for as long as some of us have been part of it. Together we move forward what ever our differences are. Our enemies are capitalists not ordinary people minding their own business.