Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A wave of protest for action on climate change

The Campaign against Climate Change is promoting the NATIONAL CLIMATE MARCH, taking place on Saturday 5th December. It could well be this country's biggest demo about climate change so far.

Campaign groups are calling 'for urgent climate action and climate justice' - the demo, in London, is significantly timed for the Saturday before the critically important Copenhagen Climate Talks.

There are three major events being advertised for the day. Firstly, the Climate Emergency Bike Ride, assembling at 10.00 am at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, finishing at the Climate Emergency Rally. This is the second key event and is at noon at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. The rally will demand a declaration of a Climate Emergency plus 10% cuts and a million green jobs by end 2010. It will also specicially call for: banning of domestic flights, a 55 mph speed limit and scrapping of the roads programme, and an end to agrofuel use.

The final, and most important, event is known as The Wave, the intention being for thousands to descend on Parliament and surround it. The lead-up march leaves Grosvenor Square at 1.15 pm to surround Parliament at 3.00 pm.

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