Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mutiny: Money on Trial

An intriguing new radical political project begins in London next week, with the inaugural 'Mutiny' event. There are already plans for further events this November and in February 2010 - hopefully next Thursday's launch event will get things off to a roaring start. Here's what the website says about what to expect...

'Mutiny presents Money on Trial on Thursday, September 24. Karl Marx described money as the “universal pimp”. But the grumpy German philosopher is dead and the Queen’s head is still on the £10 note. Having no money is depressing. Money means food. Money means paying the rent. Money means getting a round in. But even those with stacks of cash spend their whole lives desperately trying to make more. Money perverts everything it touches. So do we need money? Is it a fact of life the same way as water, gravity or syphilis. Can we run the world without it?

Money on Trial is an evening of engaged debate and entertainment. There will be three main themes: Has money destroyed the music business; can the money markets deliver on climate change and can the government be trusted with our money? Doors open at 6pm with music and the performances start at 7pm so get there early.

A taste of what can be expected: a showing of the brilliant Greenpeace film A Time Comes about the occupation of Kingsnorth directed by Nick Broomfield; the latest Vestas film from Reel News and a cameo performance from Victory, a hip hop star from the People’s Army collective. The best part, however, is the audience. I mean, what do we know about anything? We need you to join the Mutiny.'

Click HERE for the website.

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