Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mobilising for peace

The annual Mela, described on local BBC radio earlier as 'the biggest multicultural event in the North East calendar', took place this weekend. I helped with Stop the War and Palestine Solidarity Campaign stalls both yesterday and today. I was reminded yet again of how unpopular the occupation of Afghanistan is with the British public - and of its potential, so long after the earliest protests in autumn 2001, to mobilise people in protest.

We leafleted for both the upcoming public meeting in Newcastle and the national demonstration which follows on 24 October. I'm really looking forward to the meeting - we've got Mohammed Asif coming down from Glasgow and Chris Nineham representing the national Stop the War Coalition. Mohammed Asif spoke here earlier in the year and we wanted to get him back. He was born and brought up in Afghanistan and is now a journalist and President of Scottish Afghan Society. He left his home country at the time of the Taliban, whom he strongly opposed, but has also been an implacable critic of NATO's war and occupation.

Public meeting hosted by Tyneside Stop the War
Afghanistan: why we should bring the troops homeTuesday 6 October, 7pm
Royal Station Hotel, next to Central Station, Newcastle

Click HERE for Facebook event.

National demonstration called by Stop the War, CND and BMI
End the occupation of Afghanistan - bring the troops home
Assemble noon at Hyde Park - march to Trafalgar Square for rally

Click HERE for info on website.
Click HERE for Facebook event.

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