Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tony Cliff's major biographies now online

As I am currently running a blog devoted to the work of Tony Cliff, founder of the International Socialists tradition 60 years ago and leading member of the Socialist Workers Party until his death in 2000, I am thrilled to make a happy discovery at the Marxists' Internet Archive: all four volumes of his epic Trotsky biography are now online. This is in addition to two complete volumes of his study of Lenin.

There are over 120 articles, essays and even whole books by Cliff on the MIA - a tremendous contribution to making accessible the work of a vital figure in the marxist tradition. It is especially welcome that the Lenin and Trotsky works - which haven't been republished in many years - are now availiable.

Have a look at my Cliff blog, but more importantly find some time to dig deeper by reading the original Cliff - maybe even have a go at the biographies. They are written in an accessible style, provide a wealth of historical material, and offer up numerous lessons for building socialist organisation today.

Dive in...

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