Monday, 24 August 2009

Justice for Sean Rigg: 300 march in his memory

Footage from vigil and march on Friday (21 August), marking the 1st anniversary of Sean Rigg's death in police custody at Brixton station.

The charge sheet against the Metropolitan Police:
Missing CCTV
Not obtaining medical help for people in custody
Conflicting stories
Failure to investigate
Inaccurate coroner's reports
Unrecorded injuries
Failure to obtain statements for months or take basic forensic evidence immediately
Wrongful arrests without charge
Unprovoked aggression and kettling peaceful protests

For a report on this event, and the background, click HERE.

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  1. I see my favourite young man - Colin Smith, he is still soldiering on with the families of those who are suffering like I did. We must keep the fire burning from all sides! I saw the picture of Sean Riggs on the Guardian comment is free web and listened to his siblings tell more of who Sean really was. Not only was he a handsome young lad, but he had fought with his demons and was trying like all of us to beat the system. Unfortunately, like many unknown souls including my handsome brother the system beat him. We, who are alive must not only fight with our own demons, but we must beat the system for our own sakes. It is called payback time for just that reason. Capitalism and greed knows know colour or creed. If capitalists can bleed money from stones, they will get rid of all of us, thats a fact. Well done Colin et al for supporting these wonderful siblings of Sean and others like them.

    I told Sean's sisters of my story regarding my single handed fight for justice for my brother who died on the 24/7/84 killed by Mugabe's thugs. We gave each other a hug of acknowledgement, that unspoken language of "I know what you are going through." It took me over 20 years of my life plus my life savings to expose the murderers of not only my brother, but my whole village that I regarded as my home until 2003. It is only now that I am at peace with myself. Until Sean's siblings get justice for their brother, they will never be peace in their hearts. I told them so, and they agreed with me. You will be surprised how a broken heart hardens the person. But I can tell you this, it is just the physical being that looks hard. The heart and soul, the inside or the being are shattered. It takes someone like me to know what the Riggs family are going through because no words can describe the pain they are going through! Let us all soldier on with them until they get justice!