Friday, 7 August 2009

Five to Follow on Friday

With a nod to the Twitter trend of recommending other tweeters for FollowFriday, here are a few left-wing blogs I suggest keeping track of. All are updated frequently and have interesting things to say.

Solomon's Mindfield has is strongly oriented on activism and especially good at promoting upcoming events and reporting protests. It helps that it's run by an energetic blogger who is herself active in various campaigns.

The Third Estate is a team effort with thoughtful commentaries, and I especially like the fact it currently has two contrasting views of the same issue, namely whether we should be bothered about The Observer newspaper's financial crisis.

Socialist Aotearoa is a New Zealand blog that combines text, photos and videos to share news of struggles in its native land and globally.

CapitalD is an engaging blog with a great mix of material, including wise reflections on the state of the class struggle, especially the recent (and on-going) spate of workers' occupations.

The Tony Cliff Archive is - I'm being naughty here - my own (temporary) blog devoted to the founder of the International Socialists tradition, which some of us seek to continue building. I'm two weeks in to this and there's loads on there now, so please check it out and offer any comments that may spring to mind.

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