Saturday, 15 August 2009

Disrupting the Nazi jamboree

I've just got back from protesting, with up to 2000 other anti-fascists, at the BNP's 'Red, White and Blue' festival in Codnor, Derbyshire. The Unite Against Fascism demo caused a lot of disruption to the Nazis' annual gathering, stopping some from getting in and demoralising many others. It was nice to see the miserable looks on the BNP faithful's faces and witnessing them getting so irritated and bad-tempered.

At least 150 people, including everyone from the Tyneside UAF coach, were in my contingent. There was a tremendous spirit of unity and determination, helping us to hold the police and BNP supporters at bay for around three hours. Sitting in their parked cars was as far as the thoroughly pissed-off racists could get throughout this time. A great many simply gave up and drove off. Others were eventually able to trudge off, across muddy fields, to their hate-fest, but only thanks to the police lining up and parking their vans across the road.

It is important that the BNP is having such a horrible time with this 'festival'. It is their flagship event - this year they hoped it would serve as celebration of their recent victories in getting two MEPs elected, including wannabe Fuhrer Nick Griffin. The event's primary purpose is to draw 'soft' members and supporters into becoming part of the fascist cadre at the core of BNP organisation.

Isolating the hardcore Hitler-lovers from their broader support is a vital task for anti-fascist campaigners. We took a step in that direction in Codnor today.


  1. 2000 you wished

  2. Anonymous - its Sunday for fucksake, just chill and look at the picture closely. A little ghost of a red eyed angry Hitler is hiding behind the trees because it failed to get in for the ceremonial initiation that it so long waited for! His protege has certainly disappointed his mentor. How could he after the hard work Hitler and his disciples put in to help him win the elections? Its not the number of anti Nazis that frightened the ghost of Hitler and shut the gate before it entered. It is the spirit of Oneness of humanity. Don't you know that where 2 or 3 people are gathered in the spirit of Oneness, the universe is with them. I can tell you now that Hitler is not happy about the carelessness of the BNP Nazis leadership because that means he goes back to hell for ever and someone will pay for it before he does that. It takes the devil to fight his own! Experience talking here - Bon Voyage!

  3. great footage, great turn-out - bravo the anti-fascists!

    SMASH the Nazi BNP!

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  5. Pity the ignorant stupid leftist UAF yobs aren't made to pay for the police deployed to control these useless animals. But that would mean they would have to go and find a job, why have a job when soft touch Britain keeps them & all their illegal & bogus asylum seeking friends?

  6. hrprs2 - leaving no cliche unturned.

  7. Perhaps hrprs2 has some kind of far-right sentence generator which randomly throws together their favourite words into new formations. This is the only way I can make sense of the comment.

  8. We are black,we are white, together we are still no hoper Marxist SHITE!


  9. hrprs2, you have a problem and a big one. The moment someone with two legs, an arse, penis/vagina and one head regards an opponent who has the same features as anything but a human being, tells me that the gate of hades has been accidentally left open. I don't know about you hrprs2, but I am a black woman who has never claimed a penny from the state. My parents who suffered under apartheid in South Africa were reduced to nothing but cleaners and gardeners by the like of you, brainless idiots like you. Hence they taught me one lesson, i.e 'All that I have is my soul.' I have spent all my life nurturing my soul for payback. This is my soul, my Christ who has got both the keys of heaven and hell. Like your apartheid brothers and sisters you think anyone who hates racism is an ignorant stupid left UAF. Now, you are looking at a very intelligent black woman who kicks arse and hence be warned!

    Check this to be sure, lyrix from my Zulu brother;
    'Avulekile amasango, sikhululekile, ngoba thina sibone izulu elikaJesu, lona linamandla ......' Don't push your luck zombie!

    I will tell you why I am not ignorant and stupid. I am a black woman who is not only intelligent, but she is black and beautiful with a soul. I ran away from apartheid in my own country just as Jesus ran away from his country. I came to England because I was told that it was my mother country where all my wealth was syphoned to and I had no two pennies to rub together. I defied racism in England and educated myself and bought myself a big house just as I would have done had apartheid not reduced me to being a nanny and cleaner. Knowledge is power so they say, and they are right! Now listen dickhead "I have got the power to destroy racists like you." I am not a racist, never have been and never will be. If your likes had not deceived my ancestors who welcomed your pink arses with open hands, there will never have been the BNP or apartheid. There would have been reciprocated respect for both of us despite the difference in the shade of our colours. We would have made a lovely rainbow. But your ancestors lied and claimed superiority. However, this is the 21 century, the year of the Lord and judge. So get real mate, you will just self destruct just as your apartheid brothers and sisters did and just as your master Hitler did. I have no time arguing with the likes of you. You were a coward and a liar from the beginning and you are still a coward and a liar today, a deceiver who has been exposed and hence has no where to hide. I have nothing to hide because the truth has set me free! So demon, go back to hell where you belong!

    Thanks my brother Alex for this vedio! Let us keep them stewing in their own shit! I can assure you that they aint seen nothing yet!

  10. White and Unite, keep the Labour party in. lol.
    Mugs, your just a bunch of rich kids.

    BTW the RWB went along just fine thank you.
    Now for our first MP.

  11. I was there at the RWB, and not in the least inconvenienced by the assorted muppets, midgets and malcontents threatening violence and affray on the streets of Codnor. However, thanks for helping us out by challenging the Gestapo's drone.

  12. Using 'the Gestapo' as an insult? Shock news: Nazis do irony. (Though perhaps not intentionally).

  13. Anonymous, give it a rest buffoon! We don't need conviencing that the RWB was a success because you were there because we were too! Don't you listen to our slogan 'Whose world: Our world and Whose street Our street; We are many and you are few!
    But do keep dreaming, because it is good for you! You are after all granted your anonymosity because no one just cares about you!