Tuesday, 18 August 2009

1936: The Battle of Cable Street

Classic newsreel footage showing how tens of thousands of people in London's East End stopped Oswald Mosley's 'British Union of Fascists'. Commentary: "From impartial people the police earned nothing but praise". Ahem.


  1. Your find the battle of Cable street is a myth. The BUF held their march a few hours later, anyway not that it counts for anything now.

    This is where the left is going wrong, thinking by anti fascist activities they will gain from these actions.
    The real problem for the far left, such as the SWP, is that they are mainly made up of wet behind the ears white middle class students. Nearly all these students drop away when they grow up, to be replaced by another lot straight from the freshers meetings.

    The leadership of the SWP are mainly made up of middle aged men, who just love the young females freshers, don't they Yunus?

    The far left are going no where, spouting the same shit they have been doing for years with no one listening.

    No wonder the BNP has so many ex far left members, at least they are getting somewhere in getting people elected.

    As the indigenous population shrinks over the next ten years or so, more people will turn to the BNP, including some who oppose the BNP now.

    That's how people are, they on the whole like to live with people like themselves. It's okay when the ethnic minorities really are a minority, most have no problem with that.

    It's when they are replaced by mass numbers of people with alien cultures and religions, that's when people views change.
    Look at the East End of London, where have all the whites and their children gone? They fled when they no longer felt East London was their home.
    This is happening, and has already happen, in many Cities.

    Multi cultural societies can only be held together by force, such as Iraq, Yougoslavia and the USSR, and we all know what happen in those places when the dictatorships fell.

    Still time to turn it around, far left politics is for kids and the middle aged who have not grown up.

  2. To the BNP worshipper who posted the first comment.

    The march was canceled that day, former members of the original BNP have themselves stated it.

    A few days later they did however. But by the the momentum was lost. England had realized that you were not going to Unite England but divide it.