Thursday, 30 July 2009

British soldier takes protest to Downing Street

Joe Glenton has today handed in a letter to Gordon Brown which explains why he won't fight in Afghanistan. The lance corporal recently became the first serving soldier to speak out publicly against the UK's role in occupying Afghanistan, making a powerful contribution to a Stop the War meeting in London.

In his letter he describes the military action as 'unethical', and concludes with these words: 'I do not believe that our cause in Afghanistan is just or right. I implore you, Sir, to bring our soldiers home.' His court martial begins next Monday.

The BBC, meanwhile, has reported the new casualty figures for deaths and injuries of British soldiers in Afghanistan. 57 soldiers were wounded in action in just the first two weeks of July, more than the total for the whole of June. During this month there have been 22 deaths of British troops in Afghanistan, the highest number since the occupation began in 2001.

The BBC site also has a full list of British troops killed, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, since the 'war on terror' began.

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