Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pull the plug on fascists

Brendan Montague provides a very good account of the last-minute protest targeting Nick Griffin, when the BNP's Nazi-in-chief attempted a futile bid for respectability this week. Seeking to appear mainstream by posing in front of Parliament for a press conference, Griffin had his plans spoiled by a crowd of anti-fascists who gathered at extremely short notice.

Plans to repeat the effort in Manchester were also disrupted. There have been protests in various towns and cities in the regions where fascist MEPs were elected - Yorkshire and North West - to repsond to their election on Sunday. Griffin and Andrew Brons, the Yorkshire MEP, will be hounded wherever they go.

A good thing too. There's a disturbing trend of the BNP being given a platform by media organisations, and allowed to spout off as they please. We should re-affirm the demand to 'pull the plug' on these racist thugs and strip them of any respectability the European Parliament and acquiescent media may give them.

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