Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Iraq inquiry: campaigning for justice

It's good to see the Iraq inquiry is, after all, going to be conducted mostly in public. The Stop the War Coalition lobbied and protested for a public inquiry - this is a breakthrough for our movement. Radio 4's PM programme has just reported today's protest outside Parliament, and the announcement by Stop the War of plans to demonstrate again at the inquiry itself.

The inquiry will be higher profile as a result of the government's capitulation today. Its announcment that sessions will be subject to public scrutiny was a consequence of pressure from all directions. The inquiry itself will surely be a major focus for continued protest, a chance to remind the world of the mass public opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

So, a small victory already. But also a campaign ahead to get justice for all the victims of the conquest of Iraq - and an opportunity to strengthen a movement that can confront the warmongers on all fronts, now and in the future.

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