Sunday, 31 May 2009

love music hate racism

Excellent new video from Love Music Hate Racism:

It's good to see something so inventive and clever in getting the message across that music depends utterly on multi-racialism. The video is wittily and creatively using 21st century tools to do what Rock Against Racism did so brilliantly in the late 1970s: utilising music to convey an anti-racist message and isolate support for the Nazis among young people.

The BNP were quick and adept in exploiting the Internet's potential - and the party also makes good use of music recordings for raising funds and creating networks of support. Anti-fascists need to make use of the same methods but in order to communicate a radically different message.

I gather the video was funded by the PCS union, so it's a welcome illustration of what union support for the anti-fascist movement can contribute. Unions have also funded a huge number of leaflets and free newspapers for distribution in the run up to Thursday's Euro elections. It coincides, too, with Stoke's big Love Music Hate Racism festival, which took place yesterday.

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