Thursday, 21 April 2011

Coming soon...

This weekend I'm going to start publishing a series of four blog posts, which will together outline the case for building revolutionary organisation.

The series will seek to answer two questions. First, why build a revolutionary socialist organisation? Second, what is required to build such an organisation in practice?

There are many left-wing and radical activists who take a dim view of Leninism. This is often influenced by caricatured versions of what Lenin thought, wrote and did in relation to political organisation, or by negative experiences of groups which claim to be in the Leninist tradition.

I want to clarify the Leninist tradition's relevance to the current challenges of strategy and organisation. The specific focus will therefore be the need for an organisation of revolutionary socialists. This is at the heart of debates about how socialists fight to change the world.

There are of course broader issues concerning political strategy, tactics and organisation. On that note, I'll bring to your attention that 'Strategy and Tactics' by John Rees has today been made available online - as a free downloadable text on Counterfire. Highly recommended.

My brief series of posts will run as follows -

Part 1: Class consciousness and revolutionary organisation
Part 2: Revolutionaries, movements and class
Part 3: Democratic centralism
Part 4: Seizing the key link


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