Wednesday 20 October 2010

Osborne slashes 40,000 teaching jobs

'Forty thousand teachers across England will lose their jobs as a result of today's spending settlement, an internal confidential projection made by civil servants at the Department for Education predicts.

The Guardian has learned that the Department for Education is to have its budget cut by 3.4% in real terms, while its schools budget will be protected in real terms with a slight rise of 0.1%. In the last few days other Whitehall departments have had to fund further savings in their budget to allow the government to say it is ringfencing schools.

They will also announce that the capital budget is to be cut by 60% – something widely expected after a summer in which the education secretary, Michael Gove, announced painful cutbacks to his portfolio by shelving the building schools for the future plan.

However, George Osborne will not make public tense discussions that have taken place within the department. The settlement means 70% of the youth budget, which includes youth clubs and after-schools activities, will be cut. But the most alarming figure is that the 40,000 teachers now find themselves in insecure positions...'

Via The Guardian - read more HERE.

Demonstrate at Downing Street, 6pm today - see HERE.


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