Friday 24 September 2010

Labour candidate Ken Livingstone: make Mayor election a referendum on cuts

Ken Livingstone has beaten right-winger Oona King to become Labour's candidate for the 2012 election for Mayor of London. The Guardian reports:

'Accepting the nomination, Livingstone made it clear that he would campaign on an anti-government ticket. He said the 2012 mayoral vote, seen as the best barometer of public opinion before the 2015 general election, would be an opportunity for voters to voice their opposition to the coalition's public spending cuts.

He said: "We will unite Londoners around a message to [David] Cameron and [George] Osborne that we don't want these cuts. If you want to get them out, you start by getting out Boris Johnson."...

Livingstone has urged Londoners to "punish" Johnson for the spending cuts being introduced by the coalition government. He has promised to use "every lever available" to "protect Londoners from the cuts" and has railed against Johnson's plans to cut 445 police officers in the capital.'


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