Friday 17 September 2010

Defend the right to protest against ConDem cuts

This is via a Right to Work circular:

'Police clamp down on protest at Lib-Dem conference…there’s a pattern developing here?

A growing list of national trade unions (CWU, PCS, UCU, NUJ, NUS), local union branches and community campaigns are adding their support to the Right to Work protest at the Tory party conference on 3 October in Birmingham.

Alongside this support there is growing anger at attempts by police and the local Con-Dem council to keep the protest away from the Tories’ conference. This clamp down has now been repeated by police in Liverpool.

It’s vital that everyone keeps the pressure up by adding their names to the statement calling for the protest to be allowed to march past the conference, and encouraging as many other activists, campaigners, workmates and others to do so.

Sign the statement to reinstate our right to march

Also sign the statement of support for Oct 3rd demonstration against the cuts

In the same week that the Tory council threatened to sack 26,000 council workers in the city, the Labour group on Birmingham Council joined Unison, PCS, NUT and Right to Work in a press conference demanding the right to march. Local press and TV covered the event with veteran campaigner Tony Benn adding his voice.

We urge all our supporters to build for the biggest possible turn out on 3 October and to continue to demand our right to march to where Cameron and his cronies are making the cuts.'

Image: classic Steve Bell cartoon


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