Saturday 4 September 2010

Coalition of Resistance plans next steps

I've just got back from a couple of days in London, where amongst other things I attended Thursday evening's planning meeting for Coalition of Resistance. Originally a room had been booked which had a capacity of 80. This was changed a couple of days in advance, which turned out to be a wise move - I counted 170 heads in the packed room at Birckbeck.

It was similar to our meeting in Newcastle last week: a turnout surpassing expectations, including lots of people who aren't part of the organised left or familiar faces from previous political meetings. There's obviously now momentum behind the initiative.

There were many good contributions, including this one from Lee Jasper (who was a senior adviser to Ken Livingstone when he was Mayor of London). Crucially, lots of good (some imaginative) practical ideas emerged from the discussion, indicating the potential dynamism and flair of this campaign.

(Image: anti-austerity protest in Italy)

For more video of contributions to the meeting see the YouTube channels of Ady Cousins and Fourman Films.
Other reports on the meeting include those from Jim Jepps, Liam Macuaid and A Thousand Cuts.


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