Saturday 14 August 2010

Some truths about the Tories

Luna17 recommends:

1. Undercover with the young Conservatives (Laurie Penny)

2. No, David Cameron is not middle class (David Osler)

3. I was a jobseeking STAR (Owen Hatherley at Comment is Free)

4. Milk Snatcher: Tory health minister paid £13,000 to doctor husband for 'research' (The Sauce)

5. Fighting cuts with confidence (David Wearing at New Left Project)

6. Fancy a neoliberal mortgage? (A Very Public Sociologist)

7. Austerity obsession will prolong misery (Left Economics Advisory Panel)

8. Review: Hester Eisenstein, Feminism Seduced (Lindsey German at Counterfire)

9. The latency phase (The Heathlander)

10. Marxsite - a welcome return (Liam Macuaid)

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