About Me

I'm Alex Snowdon, a blogger and activist who lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I'm on the editorial team of the Counterfire website.

I am a member of the national council of anti-cuts campaign Coalition of Resistance, chair of Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign and secretary of Newcastle Stop the War Coalition. I teach English full-time in a County Durham secondary school and a member of the National Union of Teachers.

I first became politically active as a schoolkid in October 1992, in response to the Tories announcing that 30,000 miners were to lose their jobs. I've been involved in many political campaigns since then.

Luna17 is a left wing blog providing comment and analysis. I recommend putting your email address in the box - see right - to get new content direct to your inbox.

My comments policy is simple: nothing abusive, personal or libellous. I moderate comments before publishing.

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook - or contact me at alexsnowdonedu@hotmail.com

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