Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Women and the Miners' Strike: 25 years on

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the end of the Miners' Strike. An oft-neglected but important part of the whole story is the role played by women in mining communities. The excerpt below, taken from the documentary 'Here We Go - Women Living the Strike!', is a valuable reminder. The film's producers explain:

'This unique film acknowledges the critical role that many of these brave, pioneering women undertook in standing up against the might of the British government and how that struggle inevitably brought about changes in them...

Much has been written and filmed about the political angle of the strike and the men's views on it, but to date, very little has been recorded from the women's perspective. The 1984-85 strike was unique in that many women were moved by, not only the impact this was to have on their own lives, but their whole communities and inevitably their whole way of life. It roused a sleeping giant and proved to be the catalyst for many women to become involved in the year long battle in ways they had never imagined.'

Next Monday (8 March) is International Women's Day, which I notice the excellent Housman's bookshop is celebrating with a whole series of events during March. These range from Nina Power and Lindsey German on 'Feminism Today' to a No Sweat benefit gig.


  1. Alex, you might also be interested in Terry Conway's article about women and the miners strike:

  2. Thanks - it's a very good article. I'm going to include it in Friday's weekly round-up of good blog posts that have appeared during the week.